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Surgeon Simulator

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The work of a doctor deserves respect, because tens of thousands of lives are saved every day around the world thanks to them. And it is possible for you to find out if you could be the hero in a white coat thanks to Surgeon Simulator. It was released in 2013.

Later in 2014, it became cross-platform, so you have a chance to choose between PC and consoles. Or even in 2016 when it became really popular and developers began to adapt to this platform.

It is worth noting that you are able to start transplant surgery anywhere. Therefore, you need to be always ready and keep your cool for everything to go well. Excessive emotions will be useless. Because it is this quality which helps doctors save people.

You can be in an operating room, in an ambulance, or even in space. Therefore, each location has its own complications that diversify the game. There is also a possibility to look at all skins that your patient may have. Therefore, try to help all people, and other creatures.

Initially, you perform all possible transplants on Bob, but there may also be a machine gunner from a multiplayer shooter on the surgery. In addition, you are also able to meet with an alien. Its organs and structure of the body are slightly different from the human, so get ready for something unusual.

It is worth mentioning the process of playing, here you control only the left hand of the doctor. Each finger is a separate key, so you have to be as focused as possible in order not to make mistakes. Because you can accidentally drop the tool and injure the one you are operating on.

At the start of the Surgeon Simulator, you appear in front of a desktop where you are capable of looking at some floppy disks. They have hints in terms of controlling and just useful tips. In addition, here you are going to choose which organs and to whom you will transplant.