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Surgeon Simulator Game Online Free

Save many human lives with surgery. Show what it’s like to be an angel in a white coat! Surgeon Simulator is an opportunity to be in the operating room playing as Nigel Burke. It can be noted that he is not the most standard doctor and prefers his own methods of treatment.

Sometimes they can be quite tough, but the fact that he saves his patients remains true. The game is available on PC for download on Steam. It was released back in 2013 but is still very popular among players. It is also worth noting that a year later it became available on mobile devices, as well as on the console. In addition, when VR began to be actively used in games, a version was released for it. Therefore, it is quite cross-platform.

How to Perform Transplants?

You control the doctor’s hand. Each individual finger on his hand is one of the keys on your keyboard. Therefore, try not to make mistakes, otherwise you may inadvertently drop some kind of medical instrument.

You also have access to indicators of the person who has a transplantation. Therefore, check that he does not have severe blood loss due to the fact that you could do something wrong. Otherwise, there is a possibility for him to die on the operating table. To prevent this, you are able to use the syringes that you have.

So keep an eye on everything around you. Otherwise, then in the confusion it will be difficult to find what you need. Therefore, stay cool and focused while you do your job. Because excessive nervousness will not lead to good results.

Conditions Patients

No matter where you are, you must always be ready! It is possible for you to find yourself not only in a standard operating room, but also in an ambulance or even in space. In them, by the way, the process of playing turns into much more challenging.

Therefore, in the first case, the driver is driving quite fast and therefore your scalpels, syringes, and, in principle, the organs that you are going to transplant may scatter. Or even accidentally on the street. Therefore, you should be very careful not to find out later that something is missing.

In the second, objects do not lie, but because of the lack of gravity, they begin to float in the air. Therefore, you also need to make sure that they do not fly too far away from you. Thus, playing becomes interesting and unpredictable!

Speaking of patients, it is worth noting that Bob is the one who will go through everything with you. Therefore, spend everything qualitatively so that he is satisfied. In addition to him, there are many more non-standard people. It could be a Heavy from Team Fortress 2 or even an alien! And you are also able to meet the 45th President of the United States, namely Mr. Trump. By the way, there are a lot of new instruments to interact with that appear in each of the cases.

Thus, the game becomes very diverse, because the location and the character himself greatly influence the process. And for each operation, by the way, you get an assessment, and it can directly depend on how difficult it was and how you coped with the problems.