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Surgeon Simulator 2

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Find out if you could become the one who saves many lives. To do this, you are able to try Surgeon Simulator, which was released back in 2013 and managed to win the hearts of many. As well as its second part, which was published in the second half of 2021. And there are a lot of new additions that players really wanted to see in the future projects of Bossa Studios.

If we talk about the second game, it may be noted that the developers have added the ability to play with their friends. There is a possibility to greatly diversify the process, since now there is a competitive spirit, and everything is going to happen unpredictably. Therefore, you have a chance to spoil your friend’s operation or assist and save life.

Now your faithful patient Bob, who survived many operations in the first part, will once again be saved not only by you, but also by your colleagues (up to 4 people in one session). Therefore, if you needed assistants, now you have them. They can either be helpful or those who will get in the way. As for the patient, it’s impossible to say for sure, but specifically for you, the fun is definitely guaranteed.

A lot of new features have also been added here. For example, one of them is a creative mode. It is possible for you to build your own operating room. In addition, you are capable of setting traps and barriers that will complicate the process of transplants. Well, if you don’t like it when complete madness happens around you, then the functionality also allows you to have fun in Surgeon Simulator in campaign mode. Like in the previous part. Then you, just like before, are left alone with your faithful friend Bob. He is probably already used to your company too.

Therefore, be prepared to have surgery, monitor Bob’s vitals and more at the same time. In addition, make sure that your tools are not lost, because sometimes when you need them, they may be where you can not get them. Therefore, don’t lose your stuff.