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Surgeon Simulator 3

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Become a successful doctor who saves many lives. Here you are able to find out how organ transplant operations usually take place. Become an angel in white doctor’s coat who is going to give a chance for a new life to those who need a transplant. At the very beginning, it all starts with the fact that you have a chance to learn how to manage Nigel Burke. In order to do your job, you are going to control your left hand. Each finger has a corresponding key on the keyboard. Therefore, at first you are a little unaccustomed, but later you are able to figure it out.

Who Is Bob?

This is the name of the patient that you will constantly save. He requires literally every organ transplant, so you are up to honing your skills on him. In addition to him, there is a possibility to meet many more people on your operating table. For example, it could be a character from a popular shooter, an alien, or even the President of the United States! You have your tools around you, the organs to be transplanted, and also monitor the patient’s performance. If you see that he has severe blood loss, then it is possible for you to give an injection to stop him. But try to do everything carefully and accurately.

Continuation Is Coming…?

In the second half of 2021, Surgeon Simulator 2 was released, which complemented the game in many ways. Many new features have been added, and it is also worth noting that the graphics have become better. Therefore, a lot of users really liked the sequel. Now the gameplay has changed a bit. First, it is worth noting that multiplayer is now available to you. Therefore, now you are able to play with your friends and compete for the title of the best surgeon. There can only be a maximum of 4 players in one session, so gather your friends and start having fun.

Furthermore, if you want to be a little alone. Or you have long missed Bob, then try the single-player campaign. There you are going to remember the old days when you performed operations in the first part. Secondly, the ability to create your own locations has been added, so this is capable of turning into a kind of challenge for you. Put different complications on location to make things not so easy.

Well, now many people are wondering if there will be a third part? It may also be assumed that if Bossa Studios takes over the development, then they can, in theory, either increase the number of players per session, or add more patients and locations.